Student Evaluation of Teaching Program

Office of IR conducts the official student evaluations of teaching at SJSU. To encourage wide participation and open feedback, students' identities are kept confidential and answers are only reported to faculty in summary form.

How to Access Reports for Faculty and Departments

In 2017, SJSU migrated to MyCoursEval for collecting and reporting on teaching evaluations. Faculty and department contacts have access to their respective reports year round on the system after the reports have been released. Historical reports from before then are available from office of IR on request. Designated department administrative staff often have access to back copies as well. There are plans for direct links between MyCoursEval and the eFaculty system in the future.

See our faculty access guide and department access guide for more details on how to access and use the new reports.

The table below summarizes electronic report availability.

College Available on MyCoursEval Available on request
Lucas College of Business Fall 2017 onward
Summer 2017
Spring 2017 regular session
Spring 2017 special session
Fall 2005 to Spring 2017
All Others Fall 2017 onward
Summer 2017
Fall 2005 to Summer 2017

Requests for SOTE/SOLATE reports can be made with Darren Wilson ( Requests can take up to a week to process.

SOTE/SOLATE Norms by College

To save space in the individual reports, we have prepared a stand-alone guide of SOTE/SOLATE college-level norms (averages, medians, selected percentiles) in the following addendum reports.

Spring 2019 Spring 2019
Fall 2018 Fall 2018
Spring 2018 Spring 2018
Fall 2017 Fall 2017

Both the SOTE and SOLATE individual reports also include comparison figures at the department and university levels.

Background on SOTE and SOLATE

The Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTE) form is used in courses primarily taught in lecture and seminar formats. The Student Opinion of Laboratory and Activity Teaching Effectiveness (SOLATE) form is used in laboratory and activity courses. The content of SOTE/SOLATE, along with policies on teaching evaluations, come from the Student Evaluation Review Board (SERB) and the SJSU Academic Senate.


SOTE/SOLATE frequently asked questions by Students, Faculty and Administrators

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